"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.".

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Jeff and I love to give our couples high quality wedding photos by using both film and digital photography. But more importantly, we use our hearts. Our approach to portraits is relaxed, fun loving, and based on capturing your genuine emotions.
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On a typical day you can find me, (Charlotte), doing housework, editing photos, getting my hands in the dirt outside, and laughing at memes. If you spied on us, you might see me spontaneously dragging Jeff into waltzes in the kitchen. A new thing we've done since early 2022 is having our devotions most days side by side and talking about it together. It's been the best choice we've ever made together! One of my favorite things is having friends over for game nights or a cup of tea.
Jeff is a fun loving guy with a hearty laugh and smile lines. He's makes the mundane into a party, and loves music. He's got gumption. He plays the electric guitar at our church and works as a flight paramedic. He has a huge heart for his patients!
Friends are important to both of us, and we love double dates! Maybe we could go on one with you! ;)


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Home Sweet Home

We live in the woods outside Lynchburg, Virginia, surrounded with deer, squirrels, and a few owls.

Our cat, Jenkins

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Every Autumn I get excited way too early. Christmas to me means family and coziness.


I think I will be flower gardening until the day I die. Also, I might actually die when I see your wedding bouquet!


Do you love rich, scrumptious colors and authentic storytelling? Does beauty sometimes give your heart a happy little ache? Me too.

Let's make your photos unforgettable.


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One hour at a beautiful location, one clothing change included.

Sessions $350

We recommend our eight hour package for couples who have most or all of their day at one or two locations, with little to no travel between. (Note- pricing is increased twice a year. These prices are for Jan-June 2023 dates.)

Signature $2400

Our ten hour package is perfect for couples who have two or three more distant locations.
(ie. ceremony, reception, photo location).

Lux $2700

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